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Energy management

Vivints home automation is good for the Environment, with proper environmental management procedures being followed this systems not only become better for the environment but also for your wallet.

Energy management is one of key principles that we emphasize and keep close tabs on. With energy management we reduce cost thus making great discounts for our clients. This way we are able to keep customer loyalty. Vivint home automation keeps energy costs down and saves the environment with Vivint's smart thermostat and lamp/appliance controls.

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Vivint Smart Thermostat

One way that vivint automation has employed as a way of energy management is through the vivint smart thermostat, this thermostat has unique capabilities such as remote control capabilities, 7-day programming, and integration with the Sky Control panel. This Smart Thermostat lets you control your thermostat from anywhere. It also does great in ensuring that you conserve energy and save money at the same time.

Every Smart Protect & Control package from vivint automation comes with a programmable Smart Thermostat that is very intelligent such as it is able to help you cut down on both cooling and heating costs. It is amazing how this thermostat from vivint is able to control your lamps, air conditioning, small appliances and adjust temperatures from a phone or computer.

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Monitor Your Energy Usage

With Vivint Smart Control you are able to do so much as ways of making sure you are managing energy in the best ways .some of these are: ,you can discover the ease of controlling your thermostat so that the different appliances use less energy . This includes ability to control lights, bells, air conditioning, temperatures and small appliances from your smartphone when at home or far from home. You can adjust the temperature and turn on the lights before you get home, so you'll never come back to a cold, dark house again. Something else that is amazing with this thermostat is that when you forget to turn off your curling iron or coffee pot before leaving the house, you can turn them off from the palm of your hand from work or any other far place, that way you are able to save on energy costs.

Save Money on Utilities Every Month

With home automation from vivint you are assured that you will save on every month’s bill. With the ability and power to control your home and use your energy more efficiently on your hands, households that use a Smart Protect & Control system from vivint automation save an average of $180 a year on utilities. That’s a fact.