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Sky Control Touch Panel

Vivint home automation offer an all-in-one security and home management, our most unique product is the Sky Control panel which features an elegant LCD touch screen, remote control capabilities; you can use your smartphone, laptop or even tabs to control and manage this system. Other features are 2-way voice, built-in Cellular Primary monitoring and 24/7 tech support.

Vivint Equipment

Vivint is a company that really invests in the equipment they use and the skills and labor that is used in installation and maintenance of this equipment. Vivint home automation delivers intelligent, modern, effective, efficient, affordable home automation equipment that is both unique, cutting-edge and easy to use.

Some of our equipment include:

Motion Detectors

Our Motion Detectors are the best in the market. Entails modern technology and the best guide on how to use them. Get this motion detectors from as low as $120.00

Door Sensors

You can get Door/Window Sensor from as low as $60.00

Glass Break Detector

Glass Break Detector are specially designed to alert whenever glass breaks in your house. Very effective and from as low as $120.00