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Manage Your Home from Anywhere.

we have a customizable home automation system which will enable you do Controlled streaming of live videos, automatic door locks, air conditioning and temperature ,lighting and lamps. With our home automation you are able to control all this from the palm of your hand.

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Control Your Vivint Mobile App

Our home automation is compatible with all the different types of phones. From iPhone to android everyone is well sort. Whether you home or cross the country you get to see and monitor all activities in your house whether you’re many miles across your house. You are also bale to control your thermostat, lights, and small appliances from your smart phone or computer. We are at the height of technology and want our customers experiencing this in the smartest way!

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Home automation video

Vivint's home automation technology is one of its kind. If you want live streaming or record video of activities going on at home this is very possible. This system is able to link your energy management tools and home security systems through automated controls such that you can be able to see live all that is happening in the house and also outside the house. With the video streaming you can also be able to check if the lights and all the other systems are working in the best way. With our home Automation package you are able to control door locks, security systems, streaming video. This is a very effective as nothing that has happened in the house goes missing.

Control Your Home from Anywhere

With vivint home automation Smart Control, you are able to control all your systems. Some of this systems include; home’s locks, air conditioning, small appliances, lamps, thermostats and all the different systems that you will find at vivint home automation. With your smartphone or any other smart gadget such iPhone or laptop you will be able to control all this even when you are so many miles from home. There is no time that you will get stress that you are not able to know what is happening in your house. With this home automation you are also able to open the house for your visitors remotely even if you were 1000 miles away.

See What's Happening at Home

When you couple security cameras with your vivint home automation Smart Control package, you really get to see what Vivint can do for your everyday life. Anytime you want to check up on your home's status. This is made easier and convenient.