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At vivint we know that mobile technology is one of the most widely used technologies. This is mostly due to the portability, convenience and the ease of use that comes with this type of technology. Most of our home automation systems can be remotely controlled and managed with smartphones.

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With the iPhone one can easily monitor all that goes at home without worry. No matter where you are the iPhone app will help you see everything happening at home or in the office. Lock and unlock doors, arm and disarm the security system, watch video feeds, and control lamps all with your iPhone.


With iPad home automation, you can arm and disarm your Vivint security system, lock your doors, and even control your heating/air and lights, all from your iPad home control app. This gives you total control of everything in your home, even when you aren't there.


Control the systems in your home while you're away with the home automation Android app. Use your Android phone to arm and disarm your security system, control the temperature of your home, and turn lights on or off.


Use your Blackberry to control your Vivint home automation system while on the go.